Once upon a time in Cappadocia

Take a dazzling tour of majestic Cappadocia via trailblazing video technology

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of the towering spires and subterranean secrets of Cappadocia in a breathtaking new video experience, equal parts magical fable and technological marvel.

The geographical wonder of central Turkey’s Cappadocia region, one of the most otherworldly landscapes to be found anywhere on the globe, is the subject of a beautiful new film from Turkish Airlines and pioneering flow motion filmmaker, Rob Whitworth.

Like a rollicking lucid dream, the video invites viewers to glide among immense fairy chimney formations, burrow through intricate underground cities, and soar with hot-air balloons over dusky plains. In his signature flow motion film style, Whitworth propels the audience through an impossible tour of the incredible geological oddities and cultural treasures that make Cappadocia one of Turkish Airlines’ most unforgettable destinations.

Guided by storytelling steeped in the area’s rich traditional fabric, the film affords viewers a surreal taste of Cappadocia’s many inimitable destinations, including underground mansions of the Bronze Age, marvellously frescoed rock-face churches, and valleys studded with gigantic stone peaks.

In his hallmark hyperlapse style, augmented with swooping zooms and dizzying perspectives, the filmmaker harnesses the latest in image-making technology to present a previously-impossible survey of Cappadocia’s ethereal environment. With pulse- racing energy, the audience whisks through splendours – both natural and manmade – on a tour that, in mere minutes, provides a beguiling appreciation of the land’s singular character.

Whitworth is renowned for creating effervescent portraits of urban life, scouring his locations for the most improbable vantages to shoot iconic destinations from a fresh, time-distorting perspective. Weaving time-lapse and real-time footage together in a pulsing narrative, the filmmaker has previously brought his vision to bustling subjects such as Istanbul, Dubai, and Barcelona, with each video attracting millions of views.

Experience this sumptuous new audio visual adventure through Cappadocia in brilliant 4K resolution at Turkish Airline’s YouTube channel.

Press release prepared on behalf of photographer Rob Whitworth for his Turkish Airlines video, Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia, released November 2016